Ultra Bio-Mister KME-014 (Please click update model)

Disinfectant Sprayer for preventing SARS Ultra Bio-Mister KME-014






An Innovative Disinfectant Sprayer for preventing COVID-19 and SARS
Ultra Bio-Mister KME-014

Specifications : Features :
Material : Plastic (ABS) A liquid spray system using a new nozzle system
Motor capacity : 1.4kW Sprays undiluted chemical solution instead of smoke
Weight : 6 kg (including disinfectants) Disinfects well since the ultra fine particles stay in the air for a long time
Length : 500mm / Height : 340mm Ultra fine particles show good diffusibility, permeability and disinfection
Tank capacity : 3.6 litres/7 litres Covers wide area with small quantity control speed, quantity & length of spray
Rating voltage : 220V Environmental friendly and easy to operate
Spraying length : max 8m  
Drop size : 20 to 40 micrometer  
Duration of drops in air : about 15 min (in a closed area)

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