An Innovative Insecticide for COVID-19 or SARS Sprayer
Fendona high performance residual insecticide for the control of litter beetles, poultry red mite & crawling insects.

FENDONA 1.5 SC is a broad spectrum pyrethroid insecticide that provides fast, long lasting and economical control of crawling and flying insects, such as cockroaches and litter beetles, poultry red mite and other arthropods. It is suitable for use in domestic premises, public buildings, in industry including food processing plants and in agricultural buildings containing poultry.

Direction for use :

Apply using any manual or power sprayer equipped to produce a coarse spray. Add the appropriate volume of FENDONA 1.5 SC to the required volume of clean water and agitate. If a delay occurs between treatments, re-agitate before re-use. Apply at low pressure to just before run-off to surfaces frequented by pests especially cracks and crevices which may act as harbourages, and behind fittings and equipment. Do not allow any run-off to enter watercourses.

Flying insects: Apply to surces where insects settle.
This product must not be used against housefilies in intensive or controlled environment animal houses because it is likely to cause control failure due to insecticide resistance.
Cockroaches and other crawling insects:
Spray around service ducts, behind and under fittings and equipment. If insects are entering from outside, spray barrier strips 10 cm wide at doors, windows etc.
Litter beetles (lesser mealworm):
Apply as a routine treatment afer clean-out and before each new crop. Spray all vertical surfaces, e.g. walls, dividers and posts, and ensure an overlap on to ceilings. It is not necessary to treat the floor. FENDONA 1.5 SC can be applied together with Sorgene 5 as a tank mix using the Special rate: add the FENDONA 1.5 SC to the diluted disinfectant. With some power sprayers it may be necessary to prepare a pre-mix for futher dilution: follow the manufactuer's instructions. Never apply at high pressure.
Poultry red mite :
Apply at the normal rate at the beginning of the crop cycle before the birds enter the horse. Spray the entire surfaces of cages, nest boxes, percheries and floors where appropriate. Pay particular attention to corners, cracks and crevices which may harbour mites. Do not spray the birds directly when used during the crop cycle.

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