Plurisan disinfectant

Has WHO ( World Health Organization ) certificate

An Innovative Disinfectant for COVID-19 Fogger Sprayer
Plurisan Bactericide deodorant for hygienic-sanitary purposes

Features :

PLURISAN is a quatemary ammonium salt based germicide deodorant. It is extremely effective on a wide variety of micro-organisms, also when diluted in hard water. The quatemary salts contained in PLURISAN offer a dual bactericide and deodorant action. It can kill coronavirus disease COVID-19 in most effective and efficient way! BACTERICIDE ACTION. The bactericide action of PLURISAN is immediate: in 30 seconds the solution prepared as recommended kills 99.99% of the micro-organisms present. Thanks to its residual bacteriostatic action, PLURISAN forms a protective film on the treated surfaces which prevents the forming and transmission of infestations.
DEODORANT ACTION. Unlike common deodorants, acting by covering odour, PLURISAN acts directly on organic substances, preventing putrefaction and thus the formation of bad smells at the source. At the recommended dilutions it is safe for hurmans and animals. Used according to the instructions, it does not damage the contact surfaces in any way.
PLURISAN has a wide range of applications wherever a germicide and deodorising action is required.
It can be used:

1. in food processing industries, to disinfect floors, walls, machines, equipment, containers ... etc;
2. in hospitals and clinics, to disinfect kitchens, rooms, corridors, waiting rooms, lavatories, areas in general;
3. in schools, barracks, hotels, restaurants, laundries, ets.;
4. public transport companies, to disinfect wagons, containers, etc.

Use :
Dilute PLURISAN in water 0.5-1% (i.e. 0.5-1 in 100 litres of water) or proportionally, Spray the solution on walls, ceilings, floors and on all the surfaces to be disinfected. The product can be applied with an hand-pump sprayer, an ULV fogger, fogger sprayer, as well as a sponge or brush.
A 0.5 % dilution is sufficient for disinfecting utensils

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