Automatic / Closed-loop
Stencil & Pallet Cleaner
The first ergonomicly designed front-loading ultrasonic stencil cleaner


    • Front-loading eliminates lifting stencils and baskets over tall wash tanks --- horizontally
    • Sealed process chamber prevents odors and user contact with wash solutions common with open-tank systems
    • Ergonomic loading height eliminates steps and loading platforms
    • Full automation allows unattended operation
    • Eliminates stencil damage due to soaking
    • Programmable cleaning cycles for multiple applications
    • No external lifts or moving parts
    • Closed-loop technology is compatible with many cleaning chemistries – no drain required
    • Energy efficient ambient cleaning
    • Optional top-mounted drying rack or automatic drying
    • Easy maintenance
    • Stainless steel construction


Clean solder paste, SMD adhesives or post solder flux residue

from stencils, screens, misprinted PCBs, pallets

and other tooling at the press of a single button.

The ErgoSonic automatic stencil and pallet cleaner combines the cleaning efficiency of ultrasonic technology with the convenience of front-loading! The unique design of the ErgoSonic Stencil Cleaner facilitates front-loading of the stencil at a safe and comfortable height and does not require a stencil basket. The ErgoSonic is fully automatic, programmable, compatible with many closed-looped cleaning chemistries and can be completely self-contained - not requiring a drain. The operator simply places the stencil into an empty process chamber, closes the door and presses the start button. The ultrasonic wash, rinse and optional dry cycle is completed in just minutes. The user never comes in contact with cleaning chemistries, vapors or contaminated waste streams.

Other top-loading stencil cleaners require the operator to lift the stencil and stencil basket over tall wash tanks causing a conflict with OSHA safety regulations. Unconventional lifting, awkward loading platforms, heavy stencil baskets and drain disposal can be completely eliminated by the ErgoSonic Stencil Cleaner.

Like all Smart Sonic Stencil Cleaners, when using 440-R SMT Detergent, the ErgoSonic is guaranteed to clean any type of solder paste from any fine-pitched stencil.

Automatic Stencil & Pallet Cleaner

Typical Cleaning Cycle:

  1. Front-load stencil / pallet into process chamber and press start button
  2. Wash solution is pumped into process chamber for ultrasonic wash
  3. Wash solution is filtered while transferred to holding reservoir
  4. Clean solution or pressurized water enters the process chamber for spray and/or ultrasonic rinse
  5. Rinse solution is filtered while transferred to holding reservoir or sent to drain/evaporator
  6. Optional low-temperature drying cycle
  7. Process chamber is exhausted to remove odors and vapors*
  8. Stencil / pallet is removed and placed on optional drying rack or inventoried
Ergosonic front side view
Ergosonic top veiw
Shown with optional top-mounted drying rack
Overall Dimensions 35.5 x 59" x 43 "H
Wash Tank Dimensions 5.5" x 30" x 31"D
Wash Tank Capacity 21 gallons (79.5 liters)
Maximum Stencil Size 29" x 29" (750mm x 750mm) with one cycle
Utilities Required  
Ambient Wash Tank
Heated Wash Tank
220 - 240V, 1 Ph., 8 Amps
220 - 240V, 3 Ph., 18 Amps
Water (soft or DI) 40 PSI
Typical Wash/Rinse Cycle Time 1-2 Minutes (solder paste)
Programmable Cycle Profiles 4 Std.

* Exhaust blower by others

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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