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Stencil Cleaners

Heating oil
Heating oil (PDF file)EnviroGuard

EPA Vertification and Safety

Only SMarT Sonic Stencil Cleaners have passed California EPA
Certification and completed the U.S. EPA's ETV Program.
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Fully automatic SMT cleaner 6000
Model 6000 (PDF file)
Video Demo

Ergo-Sonic SMT cleaner

Ergo-Sonic (PDF file)
Video Demo

440R-SMT Detergent

440-R SMT Detergent

SMT cleaner 1500
Model 1500 (PDF file)
Video Demo
EZ-0 Evaporator
Model EZ-0
SE-1 Evaporator
Model SE-1
SMT cleaner 2003
Model 2003
(PDF file)
Model LTD-3 Dryer

AOI & Programming

  simple SMT cleaner 900
Model 900 (PDF file)
smart sonic model 500
Model 500 (PDF file)


Guaranteed to clean any solder paste from any fine-pitch stencil!

model 1500 & 1550

The Right Machine - The Best Chemistry - The Correct Waste Management ... Guaranteed!

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smartsonic stencil cleaning machine & 440-R 440R detergent