Inspection, Measurement & Programming Systems

GlueScan AOI
Conveyer Module

StencilScan AOI


Assembly Module

GlueScan AOI
Desktop Module

Cleaning Products

AOI & Programming for Improved Print Yields
GlueScan AOI
  • 100% Automatic inspection of adhesive dots after printing, dispensing or stamping
  • Increase print yields and reduce rework
  • Detect errors before damaging down line machines
  • In-line conveyor or off-line desktop systems available
StencilScan AOI
  • Guarantee stencil and screen accuracy & cleanliness
  • 100% Automatic inspection of screens & stencils for cleanliness, damage, and absence/presence/size/position of apertures
  • Pre-inspect or compare boards and stencils to Gerber data
  • Create Gerber data from boards, films, or stencils
Assembly Module
  • Produces assembly programs and process documentation for pick & place, insertion, test, inspection and dispensing machines
  • Use one workstation to produce assembly files for multi-vendor machines
  • Find and eliminate errors with loaded PCBs, wet solder paste, glue dots, etc.
  • Decrease programming time from days to hours!

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